Show Us Your Undies and Win $150!

It’s back! Create a review of a product you own, upload pictures of yourself wearing it and you could win $150 Skiviez Gift Card!

3 Chances to win!

We’ll randomly select 1 lucky winner for a $150 gift card, one for a $50 gift card and a 3rd for a $25 gift card.


The more images you upload the greater your chances are of winning!

Contest Ends December 10, 2012 at Midnight Eastern Standard Time

No need to sign any forms or fill out any paperwork, just upload an image for any product you own that is available for purchase on the Skiviez web site. Simply visit your Skiviez account and choose the “product Review” tab. Then write a review and attach up to 6 images. 

Here’s how to upload if you need help:

Picture must be of you. No copyrighted pictures can be accepted. Review must be of the product shown. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. MUST BE 18 TO ENTER & WIN. Void Where Prohibited. Drawing held December 11th at 12 noon Eastern Time. Offer subjected to change without notice. To enter without purchase email customer service at or write to Skiviez, Inc. Attention: Photo Contest, 9415 Atlee Commerce Blvd, Suite F, Ashland, VA 23005. All images uploaded become property of Skiviez, Inc.

Introducing Cocksox and Toddland at Skiviez

We listened! Customers asked us to start carrying the Cocksox brand, and we’re proud to introduce a selection of the hot Australian brand at Skiviez. And due to popular demand, we’ve re-stocked styles in the Toddland brand.

Cocksox—sexy, fun, enhancing underwear

Cocksox’s claim to fame is that it can provide an enhanced, natural profile without rings, slings, straps, supports, padding, or any other of the enhancing technologies that other brands have dreamed up. The cotton fabric is a bit thicker than what you’d normally find in underwear, and it has Lycra mixed in to ensure a snug fit.

We’re launching the brand at our store with 5 styles in stock. From jock straps to thongs to briefs, you’re sure to find a package-enhancing Cocksox item that’s right for you.

Cocksox Brief

Cocksox Brief

Toddland—for those with a sense of humor

Toddland Shalom Boxer Brief

Toddland Shalom Boxer Brief

Toddland is a fascinating mix of vintage styling and an offbeat sense of humor. You’re sure to find playful items in this fun brand. What’s not to love about the Toddland “Manstache” Trunk? And I certainly never thought that I’d see “Grey w/ Burger” in the color field of a product sold at Skiviez.

Looking for a quirky holiday gift? Why not give the Toddland Shalom Boxer Brief with its cute depictions of dreidels and menorahs. Or make sure the Nick in your life is dressed for the season in the Toddland Santa Boxer Brief.

What’s next?

Do you know of a brand that you’d like us to check out? Send us an e-mail, message us on Facebook, or tweet @Skiviez. We’re still listening!

New Kyle Underwear Arriving Soon

Here’s a sneak peek of Kyle Sky, a new line of underwear from Kyle. It will be available soon at Skiviez! Sign up for our email mailing list to keep updated on what’s new at Skiviez.

Snapshots: “Partly Cloudy”

Snapshots is an occasional series on the Skiviez blog with pictures that depict scenes from the day-to-day inner workings of Skiviez.

You know, as if a rare Virginia-based earthquake last month wasn’t enough, we also got socked with Hurricane Irene a few weeks later. At the Skiviez warehouse, we worked through the problems and joked our way through it–after all, what could be next? A plague of locusts?

Of course not. How about a freak fall thunderstorm with flash flooding instead?

These are a few quick snapshots from one of our warehouse loading docks. Looks like we’ll need to add snorkels to our natural disaster action plan!

Announcing the winners of the “Show Us Your Underwear!” $150 Photo Contest

Last month, we announced the “Show Us Your Underwear!” photo contest to encourage customers to leave product reviews with customer-submitted images on the Skiviez Web site. No purchase was necessary to enter.

First, everyone at Skiviez would like to thank everyone who participated by leaving a product review with an image or by registering manually.

Second, let’s congratulate our randomly-selected winners!

1st Prize—$150 Gift Card

The lucky winner of a $150 Skiviez gift card is “The Staffer.” He reviewed the Joe Snyder Bikini Brief and certainly had some nice things to say about it in his detailed review:

The Joe Snyder bikini is a scorcher. The brief is tiny and it definitely clings to your body, in a good way. Not comfortable enough to wear through a full day in the office, but do-able for a night out or in. The back offers a fuller coverage, while still showing skin. The material is sheer, so avoid the mistake I made and don’t wear these while tanning. The rays will go right through and you’ll burn. Pros: accentuates the contours of your body, very sexy cut, and holds up well in the wash. Cons: the top rolls over occasionally because the material is thin.

2nd Prize—$50 Gift Card

“Mike” is the lucky winner of a $50 Skiviez gift card. He left a review of the C-IN2 Core Profile Brief:

These have been a great regular sized brief, I do miss the old fly style, but like the rest of the products by Cin2 I own, they are designed with enough room where it is needed.

3rd Prize—$25 Gift Card

Finally, “Northwest Hiker” is the lucky winner of a $25 Skiviez gift card. He reviewed the Gregg Homme Boytoy Thong and had some nice things to say about it:

This thong is definitely a low rise thong as stated…but very comfortable! The material is super soft, and quite stretchable. Some of Greggs thongs tend to run a bit on the small side, but you needn’t worry about this one. It fits true to size and feels great as well! I bought two of the colors and plan on getting the third one as well. :)

Thanks for participating!

These winners have been notified by e-mail, and we’ll send their gift cards off to the shipping address that they specify.

Be sure to check our Twitter feed for a listing of recent image reviews.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and thanks for shopping at Skiviez, the men’s underwear authority!

The colors are changing—new lines for fall

Little Pumpkin With Fallen Orange Autumn Leaves, D Sharon Pruitt, CC-BY

There’s no contest: fall is by far my most favorite season of the year. Here in Virginia, the air cools until crisp; the leaves explode into gorgeous oranges, browns, and reds; and we snuggle under cozy blankets during the colder nights. And with the change in season, designers are introducing new colors and styles for fall. Here’s a quick run down of the latest styles and selections to land in our warehouse.

C-IN2 Pop Colors: Muted, tasteful, natural, autumnal

We’ll start with the ever-popular C-IN2 Pop Colors line. We have the first wave of colors in stock today: Dark Spruce, a lovely dark green; Winter Wheat, an earthy tone; and Jester Red, a slow-burning sanguine. This collection also includes a long-sleeved version of the popular henley to keep you warm on the cool nights of the fall.

As always, the products in this line are all made of 100% cotton, giving that comfortable, reassuring, natural feel that you’ve grown up with, and when you combine it with C-IN2′s legendary cut, you’ll find the items in this line to be among the most comfortable underwear that you’ve ever worn.

The colors in this wave are only here for a limited time. We’re not able to accept backorders for these, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. Don’t let the season pass you by without a pair of your own!

Calvin Klein cranks it up to 11

Calvin Klein, on the other hand, gives us a different take with the new Calvin Klein Neon Trunk. The colors in these trunks remind me of the old neon signs of a bar that I like to meet friends at on these cool Friday nights.

When I say “neon,” trust me—these trunks are very neon. When we were checking these items into inventory in the warehouse, it seemed as if we didn’t even need to turn the lights on!

These items are mostly nylon with some spandex in them, so they’re very snug and form-fitting with the smooth, sensual feel that synthetic fibers bring. Like the C-IN2 Pop Colors, though, this trunk is only available for the season. Once we ship the last unit out of our warehouse, that’s a wrap. Be sure to grab a pair for yourself today.

Skiviez throws some color in the mix

Skiviez has been at this business for a little over eleven years now, and there was once a time when our in-house brand was known for its dazzling array of inspired color choices. As we worked on expanding the business and making further improvements to our legendary same-day shipping and lauded customer service, this brand fell a little by the wayside.

But not any more—we introduced Skiviez Boast to customer acclaim, and we’ve introduced limited edition, unique colors for the fall season: Spearmint, Bubble Gum, and Wedgewood Blue. You won’t find pairs of underwear quite like these anywhere else; if we put our name on it, you know it has to be good. And since we designed it and we ship it, you can grab a pair at a fantastically affordable price.

We’ll be rolling out additional colors for the spring, so be sure to grab a few of these colors before everyone else gets their hands on them.

That’s not all

Many manufacturers ship fall colors out in “waves,” with the next wave of colors expected to appear in about a month or so. But don’t wait! If you see a color here that spots your fancy, be sure to buy it soon—we’re likely to be running out by the time the next wave arrives.

At Skiviez, we can’t wait to see what else this beautiful season has in store for us. Check back here or on Facebook often for the latest product updates, or subscribe to our new products RSS feed.

Earthquakes, hurricanes–oh my!

As if a rare Virginia-based earthquake earlier in the week wasn’t enough, now the Skiviez crew has to deal with Irene knocking at the warehouse door. Who thought that shipping underwear could be so hazardous?!

While our Web site is operational and accepting orders normally, you may notice delays in receiving your order confirmation or account information e-mails as large scale power outages are affecting operations at our warehouse in Virginia.

We do plan to be operating normally by Monday morning, and we’ll update you with new information as the situation changes.

Thanks for being a Skiviez customer, and thanks for your patience!

Snapshots: Of apples and oranges

Snapshots is an occasional series on the Skiviez blog with pictures that depict scenes from the day-to-day inner workings of Skiviez.

Being the software guy for a small business also means maintaining systems that you never thought you’d ever have to maintain in your life.

Such as our VOIP phone system, for instance.

Whenever an employee complains of a problem with their phone, my first question is “what is its IP address?” is so that I can check on it remotely. Nobody ever remembers the IP address because it’s just a series of meaningless numbers like

So I took the drastic measure of naming everyone’s phone after a fruit or vegetable. For example, the front desk phone is named “onion”:

I tend to forget that my phone is, but I sure won’t forget that its name is “kumquat”!

Snapshots: Clean up on warehouse aisle A31

Snapshots is an occasional series on the Skiviez blog with pictures that depict scenes from the day-to-day inner workings of Skiviez.

Being based in Richmond, Virginia, none of us at Skiviez are too familiar with earthquakes. They’re just not the kind of thing that happens around these parts! So you imagine our surprise when one shook our warehouse early this afternoon. It even took us a few seconds to realize what was happening, but we quickly gathered everyone in a safe place.

We’re in pretty good shape! Only a few areas of product got disorganized in the warehouse, and no one was injured.

All of our services our operating normally, although we are receiving reports of the local phone network being overloaded. If you need to contact us and can’t reach us by phone, just send an e-mail to our customer support team at We hope everyone out there is OK and being safe!

Snapshots: Where did the FedEx cart go?

Snapshots is an occasional series on the Skiviez blog with pictures that depict scenes from the day-to-day inner workings of Skiviez.

There was a lot of finger pointing in the warehouse when one of the FedEx carts went missing. Turns out the crash that we heard was one of our FedEx carts making a break for it. Luckily, only the prides of a few red-faced employees were injured, and none of the packages were damaged. A little dusting off and they were good as new.

It’s a good thing that we ship underwear and not glass figurines!