Tales From the Search Logs – Part 1

Just like any other online business, our Web site monitors the search keywords and phrases that people typed into their favorite search engine to find us. (Don’t worry about privacy–this information isn’t linked to any personally identifiable information, and it’s just used for statistical purposes.)

As you might imagine, some of the incoming search phrases can be a bit strange. Others ask genuine questions that we don’t immediately know the answer to. Just today, for example, I saw an incoming search for “what color boxer is most popular” whizz by on the log monitors. I thought that this was an interesting question, so I fired away a few statements at our database.

Since boxers tend to come in lots of different plaid or print patterns, we’ve lumped most of them under a single color based on their dominant color. For example, 2xist’s Black Icicle Boxer shows up in these results as simply “black.” If the pattern or color was unclassifiable, then we lumped it under “multi-colored pattern.”

Drum roll, please:


What Color Boxer is Most Popular? (Based on all Skiviez orders to date since 2003)
Color Percentage of Boxers Sales
White 22.8%
Black 15.9%
Multi-colored Pattern or Plaid 15.4%
Blue, Light Blue, and Turquoise 13.1%
Grey 8.9%
Green, Sage, and Camo 6.3%
Navy Blue 6.2%
Red 5.6%
Orange 3.4%
Brown 1.3%
Gold or Yellow 0.3%
Maroon 0.3%
Purple 0.3%

Curious about some statistics that we might be able to run against our database? E-mail us at info@skiviez.com, and we’ll try to answer it in a future blog entry. Until then, stay tuned for the next installment of “Tales From the Search Logs”!

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