Alas, poor 2xist Varsity, we knew you well


One of 2xist’s most popular lines over the past year has been the Varsity line, which features bright, bold collegiate colors that grab everyone’s attention in the locker room. It’s been one our bestselling lines, and customers have frequently told us about how much they love this line of underwear; you can read their reviews for yourself.

Just like the limited edition 2xist Varsity gold color, however, nothing gold can stay–2xist has discontinued the Varsity line. That means that whatever we have in stock right now is probably going to be the last stock we’re ever going to get. (We might get some leftovers from 2xist if they have them, but there aren’t any guarantees.) So if you’re in love with Varsity, here’s your last chance to stock up your undies drawer as part of your bittersweet goodbye.

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