Au naturale or Shaven?

The question we ask a lot at Skiviez is how much hair is too much on the backside of a guy? We constantly try to determine what is most appealing to our customers. We want to know what you think. Vote below! We’d love to have your feedback.

Au naturale or Shaven?

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  1. Dan says:

    Please keep the hairy butts!!! It definitely increases my buying habits!!!

  2. timothy jon turner says:

    “Natural” needs to be in style again. If you think its gross, you should try living with it. It can be quite costly to remove it. I didn’t ask for it. Men look much more masculine, when they are natural. The only time I remove it, is in the summer when it gets humid.

  3. Mark says:

    I agree with the two other posts. Men are meant to be hairy in the various ways that we are. This shaved and extremely trimmed look makes me think these guys never wanted to grow up. Timothy says it best; men look masculine the way we are supposed to be. Granted, we all have varying degrees of hairiness, but we need to be hairy in the places we were created to be hairy. Get rid of the “boy” look! Grow up and be a man! Grow your hair!!!

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