Recording the History of Men’s Underwear

Bill Martin (Left) and Robert Clark (Right) show the top selling item at Skiviez and other products

Skiviez based in Richmond, Virginia, has agreed to a yearly contribution to the Valentine Richmond History Center. Skiviez will provide its bestselling item each year to give a historical record of men’s underwear trends. The 2009 top selling underwear was the 2(x)ist Contour Pouch Brief in white.

Robert Clark, president and CEO of Skiviez, and William “Bill” Martin, director of the Valentine, negotiated the deal with the vision of the two organizations continually working together to document Richmond’s clothing history.

With the help of Skiviez’ yearly contribution, future generations will be able to research men’s underwear trends as well as the part that Richmond, Virginia played in them.

According to Bill Martin, “this could over time become an important collection. If for the next 20 years we add to this collection, it would be a major resource for fashion historians.”

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