See Through Underwear – Too Much?

We want your opinion. Should see-through underwear be shown or covered up on our Web site? Take the product below as an example. Is this too much, or is it just right? Let us know by taking the poll below!

Should see-through underwear be shown on our Web site?

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  1. lowell says:

    i feel the same way jock strap central feels, its not about lots of nudity its about showing what the product can do. We’re all aware of what and where underwear goes, so why shy away from showing it in full use.

  2. Jay says:

    He he, somehow the result doesn’t surprise me :)

  3. Al says:

    If you’re looking for see-through underwear, you know what to expect.There’s no reason to cover up any part of the photo.

  4. timothy jon turner says:

    I feel that if you are shopping for a certain product, you will want to see every detail. I say let it be.

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