It Gives Pecs, Definition, and Confidence… What is Men’s Shapewear?

2xist Form Contour Pouch Brief

Everyone in the modern world has experienced one of those days.  You know, the ones when you wake up, look in the mirror and it appears you’ve gained nearly 50lbs seemingly overnight.  Where your fat jeans become your skinny jeans and the buttons on your shirt are screaming for relief.  Well thanks to the modern era we are now able to silence those buttons and squeeze more easily into those jeans all with the help of a little underwear (i.e. Men’s Shapewear).

A few weeks ago The New York Times reported on the upswing of men’s shapewear in fashion underwear.  This shapewear phenomenon just follows the trend of men caring more about their appearances and less about being judged, which is a good thing!  No one wants to see a lumpy mid-section when it could be fixed with something like a 2(x)ist Form Brief and a little exercise.

Andrew Christian Active Slim Brief w/ Show-It Technology

It’s important to note that shapewear underwear doesn’t perform miracles, but it can offer a sense of confidence in a world that continues to put pressure on men to have a more svelte physique.  Thanks to this new style of underwear, many men report the reappearance of their pecs and muscle definition and the disguising of their nipples.  Underwear designers like 2(x)ist and Andrew Christian are making it more affordable than ever to look good under your business garb since their shapewear isn’t nearly as expensive as their forebears Spanx and Equmen (as mentioned in the article).  So come on guys, it’s all right to care about your appearance.  It’s ok to camouflage some bulges, we all have those pudgy days.  Check out the NYT article here and don’t forget to check out the shapewear selection from Andrew Christian and 2(x)ist.

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