Save time! Introducing “Login with Facebook”

We’re still listening, and we’re on a roll! After introducing landmark upgrades to our Web site, adding customer-submitted images to product reviews, and deploying Skiviez Mobile, we’re proud to introduce another new feature to the Skiviez Web site that’s sure to save you time and hassle: Login with Facebook.

It’s now possible to connect your Facebook profile to your Skiviez shopping account and use your Facebook credentials to log in to Skiviez. No extra user name and password to remember!

That’s because you told us time and time again that creating yet another user name and password just to shop at Skiviez was inconvenient. And you’ve told us that having to constantly reset that password because you can’t remember it is a hassle. You have to wait for the e-mail to arrive, sometimes it goes to your spam folder, sometimes you mis-type a character–what a pain! But that’s all history, thanks to the new “Login with Facebook” feature! Logging in to your Skiviez shopping account is as easy as logging in to Facebook.

How do I get started?

When you’re prompted to log in to your Skiviez shopping account, just look for the blue “Login with Facebook” button and click it:

A pop-up window from Facebook will appear on your screen. If your Web browser isn’t currently logged into Facebook, then you’ll be asked to enter your Facebook e-mail address and password to log in. (You’re logging into Facebook, not to Skiviez–don’t worry, we can’t see your password!)

Once you’re logged into Facebook, you’ll see a one-time prompt to allow us to access some information from your Facebook profile. We use your name and e-mail address to create a Skiviez shopping account for you (or to find your existing one):

Hit the “Allow” button, and voil√†! A new Skiviez shopping account is automatically created just for you, and you can use the “Login with Facebook” button to log in again in the future in just one or two clicks.

What if I already have a Skiviez shopping account? I don’t want a duplicate!

We haven’t left our loyal customers out! It’s easy for you to take advantage of the new “Login with Facebook” feature, too. In fact, if your Skiviez shopping account e-mail address matches your Facebook profile’s e-mail address, then there’s nothing special that you need to do–the “Login with Facebook” button will work seamlessly and automatically the first time that you use it, and you won’t have to worry about the system creating a duplicate account.

If your Skiviez shopping account e-mail address is different from your Facebook e-mail address, and you don’t want to give us your “real” Facebook e-mail address, no problem! We’ve got you covered. All you need to do is “link” your Facebook profile to the Skiviez shopping account of your choice:

  1. Log in to your Skiviez shopping account using your usual Skiviez e-mail address and Skiviez password.
  2. In the “Your Account” section of our Web site, click the “Settings” tab, and then click the “Connect with Facebook” button.
  3. You’ll see the same permissions prompt described above. Then, you’re all set! From this point on, you’ll have the flexibility of using either your regular Skiviez credentials or logging in conveniently and securely with Facebook.

What if I change my mind?

You’re in control. If it any point you decide that you want to stop using the “Login with Facebook” feature, you can disconnect the link by just visiting “Your Account” on our Skiviez Web site:

You can also revoke permission for the “Skiviez, Inc.” app in your Facebook profile to break the connection.

Even after breaking the connection, your Skiviez shopping account isn’t lost forever! You can still log in using the e-mail address that you originally provided to us, and if you’ve forgotten your Skiviez password, you can use the usual “Reset Password” feature of our Web site.

What about my security and privacy?

When you use the “Login with Facebook” feature, you aren’t sharing your Facebook password with Skiviez. Instead, Facebook grants us a special access token–which you can revoke at any time via your Facebook profile–that lets us look at your real name, e-mail address, and Facebook user ID on your behalf. We use this information to match you up to a Skiviez shopping account (or to create a new one if we can’t find an existing match) and to log you in as that Skiviez shopping account.

The communication is strictly one way. The set of permissions that we ask from Facebook don’t allow us to manage your profile or post to your wall.

Keep the feedback coming

We implemented “Login with Facebook” because you told us that logging in to your Skiviez shopping account was too difficult. We listened, and we’re still listening. If you have a suggestion for the Skiviez Web site, just tweet it to @skiviez, e-mail it, or submit it via our feedback form. You can trust us to keep listening to our customers, or else we wouldn’t be the men’s underwear authority!

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