2xist Socks


So you already know that Skiviez is the Men’s Underwear Authority, but did you also know that we carry a wide selection of socks as well? 2xist has recently released a number of new designs and fashions for those looking for the perfect pair of socks.

2xist updated a number of already popular styles, such as the Square Cut Sock now available in Blue and Grey. If you’re looking for the perfect dress sock, the 2xist Soy sock is now available in a Diagonal Stripe pattern.

A new and wildly popular line that previously had no footwear included is the Retro Line. Available in color combinations to match the jocks, briefs, trunks, and tanks, the Retro Sock is super soft and made of a milk cotton blend. The unique composition of this fabric allows it to moisturize and keep your feet soft, cool, and comfortable all day long.

Back by popular demand is the 2xist Move Ergonomic Crew Sock and 2xist Move Ergonomic Low Cut Sock. The mesh ventilation will keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable whether you’re at the gym or work. Funky labels for ‘L’ and ‘R’ sock even let you show off your sense of humor.

Among other recent additions to the 2xist Sock collection include the Campus Crew and No Show Socks (also watch for the new 2xist Campus underwear line coming this summer) as well as new colors in the Fusion and Pima Performance Sock Lines.

Why Skiviez Does Not Sell Aussiebum

This question comes up a lot in both our search logs and our customer support e-mails, so here’s the lowdown:

Unfortunately, Aussiebum is very selective in regards to what stores they will allow to sell their products. In general, they refuse to sell to most online stores (we’ve tried) and prefer to control distribution through their own online store. You’ll have to buy directly from them. If you’re unhappy with this policy, you might contact them directly and let them know.

If you have any suggestions for any other brands, just use our handy-dandy feedback form! Thanks for shopping at Skiviez.

Check Out Our New Search Feature

We’ve just dusted off a new search feature for our Web site that improves upon the old search mechanism in several ways.

Search As-You-Type


The first improvement is that the search box in the upper right corner of every page will now dynamically suggest search results from a variety of sources. Type in “privacy” and a link to our privacy statement will appear. Type in “optic” and you’ll see a link to browse the entire 2xist Optic line. To visit the product or item, just click on an element in the dropdown menu with your mouse.

Spelling Corrections


Can’t spell a brand? Our new search feature will try be as helpful as it can be by suggesting an appropriate spelling.

Powerful Search Filters


If you press enter or click the Go button to submit your search, you’ll be taken to a page that shows matching search results for your query. The power in this page lies in the list of links on the right-hand side. Want to quickly drilldown to the 2xist products that have a size small in stock? Just click “2xist” under the “Brand” heading and “S” under the “Size In Stock” heading, and now you’ve got a view of our product catalog that’s just what you wanted to see.

Indeed, browsing the search page without typing any search keywords (just press the “Go” button in the search box without typing any words) is a powerful and convenient way to browse the products on our Web site. You can construct some pretty unique views of our product catalog. For example, you could [see all of the black low rise briefs that we have in stock in size medium](http://www.skiviez.com/Search/Results.underwear?t=Search&v=Active&c=Black&s=Low Rise Briefs&d=M). Or, you could see all of our pink underwear.

Give Us Feedback

We appreciate your feedback! If you have any suggestions or experience any problems, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at info@skiviez.com. Happy searching!


2xist Additions and Over 100 Clever Styles!!

You won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see the hot new designs from 2xist! Optic is the latest line from the always popular 2xist brand. Optics is the science of light and its interaction with matter. 2xist has perfected this science with their Optic Trunk, Brief, and Tank in four eye catching and mix-and-match friendly colors. The waistband resembles a color spectrum with bright, vibrant colors fading into each other (kind of like a Fruit Rollup). Optic comes from “appearance” or “look,” and it’s going to be hard to keep others from looking at your stunning appearance in this underwear!


2xist has also updated their Liquid Cotton line to include three new, but limited edition colors: Radiant Pink, Frosted Blue, and Pebble Grey. Available in a Square Cut No-Show Brief, a Square Cut Brief, and a Square Cut Trunk. Make sure you don’t miss out on these great colors and styles!

The Contrast Line from 2xist has also been expanded with two new, limited edition color combinations: Pebble/Pink and Dusk/Lead. These are available in all of the styles you have come to love from the Contrast Line: a No-Show Brief, a No-Show Trunk, a Pouch Brief, and a great Square Cut Tank.

Not to be outdone 2xist has added two new colors to their Retro Line. The Retro Jock, No-Show Brief, and Trunk are now available in blue and green. These are also limited edition and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

Last, but certainly not least, 2xist has also expanded the color selection in the Track Line. Now available in limited edition Gold and Green, the Square Cut Trunk, the Sport Brief, and the No-Show Brief will make a great addition to any underwear drawer!

Skiviez is proud to offer over 100 in stock styles from Clever. With such devilishly cute styles and designs, let your naughty side run free in the Good and Evil Trunk or the Diabolical Splendor Trunk. With so many new and stylish designs to choose from, it’s going to be tough to narrow down your options to just one!

New Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein has released a new and updated version of their popular Pro Stretch line. This revitalized underwear boasts an improved waistband to emphasize the Coolmax technology. The moisture management capabilities of Calvin Klein’s underwear can’t be beat and will keep you cool and dry all day or night long.

Calvin Klein has also come out with the Pro Stretch Reflex line, which varies from Pro Stretch in its fabric composition. While Pro Stretch is made of a cotton blend, Pro Stretch Reflex has more nylon giving it the softness and athletic stretch of a microfiber blend.

Another new line from CK that we are excited about is the Pro Stretch Fun. If you have an appreciation for quality underwear but desire a bit more playfulness in your underwear, the Calvin Klein Pro Stretch Glow Hip Brief and Trunk are sure to please. The waistband will glow-in-the-dark and is sure to brighten up a dull night.

Calvin Klein’s Body Boost line has expanded to include a Rear Boosting Trunk. This innovative pair of underwear offers the same comfort, durability, and flexibility you’ve come to expect from CK but with a hidden support for a sexier rear silhouette.

The ever popular Calvin Klein Steel Cotton line is now available in three new, but limited edition colors: Amazon, Harbor, and Wheat.

Make sure you check it all out on our convenient What’s New page!

Clever Closeout

If you have been holding off on buying your favorite brief, trunk, or thong from Clever, wait no longer! Many of this popular brand’s underwear designs have been discontinued, which means big savings for you. All discontinued Clever items are 25% off!

Thankfully Clever is constantly producing hot, new prints to keep up with the ever-changing fashions of the day, so we’ll have plenty of new products in soon. Keep checking back to our What’s New page to stay informed!



Timoteo is a brand new line of men’s underwear that we are excited to carry here at Skiviez. Timoteo is perfect for the fashion conscious customer who appreciates exceptional fit and design. This underwear is super soft and comfortable and is designed to maintain an excellent fit and shape that defines the body. The signature logo waist band and unique color combinations can be found on the jock strap, super low rise brief, and boxer brief. If you’re looking for a super classy looking pair of underwear without paying those high prices typically associated with such designs, Timoteo is what you’ve been looking for!

Camo is the New Black


With brands like Gregg Homme and Joe Snyder coming out with sexy new underwear in all over camo print, we at Skiviez want to make sure you’re keeping up with the latest underwear trends.

Joe Snyder’s brand new line of fatigue inspired underwear is diverse enough to please everyone. Whether you’re looking for a skimpy little G-String Thong or prefer the additional coverage a Bikini Brief offers, you’re bound to be impressed with our selection.

Not to be outdone, Gregg Homme’s selection includes a Camo Crew Neck and Camo Trunk to add variety to this hot trend.

If your budget is a bit more restricted but you still want to be seen in camo, Papi has you covered (or your feet covered at least) with their Camo socks in Army Green and Grey Desert.

While camo is intended to help you blend in, you’ll be hard pressed not to stand out in these great fashions!

Winter Clearance Event

Did you not get what you asked for from Santa? Were there tacky holiday sweaters waiting for you under the tree Christmas morning? We feel your pain at Skiviez and are offering tremendous sales and discounts to make up for any post-holiday disappointment.

Our Winter Clearance Event boasts sales on our discontinued items from 25% up to 75% off! With such huge discounts, quantities are not going to be around for long, so hurry while selection is greatest!

It’s a bit like Spring Cleaning around here: out with the old and in with the new. Our newest products from C-IN2 include the Pop Colors and Patterns Lines as well as the always popular Kinetic.

So go ahead and make up for what you really wanted this holiday season by shopping this great sale!

C-IN2 Elliptic and Sales Galore!


New from C-IN2 comes the Elliptic line. The state of the art technology required to create the unique fabric is a first in underwear fashions. Features a unique type of Lyocell called Seacell. It’s a combination of wood pulp fiber and cellulose derived from seaweed, creating a porous, open structure that breathes well. Its production is much less damaging to the environment than the production of competing fibers like viscose because much of the solvent solution is recycled during the production process.

Even though it is brand new, C-IN2 Elliptic is still included in the 25% discount off of all C-IN2 products.

Not to be left out of the sale extravaganza, 2xist is having its semi-annual sale with everything 25% off. This sale ends Monday, December 15, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Pikante, Clever, Beau Monde, and Baskit are all 25% off as well while everything Kyle is just $9!