How many Skiviez employees does it take to change a light bulb?

Skiviez may have started out as a business run out of an apartment a decade ago, but now we’ve grown to store thousands of pairs of underwear in our 12,000 square foot warehouse.

Sky lights in our warehouse ceiling allow us to work most days in the spring and summer without wasting energy on lighting; it’s good for the environment, and it’s an overhead expense that we minimize, passing the savings onto our customers. But for those rainy days and for those winter evenings, we have to turn the lights on.

These lights are similar to the orange street light that might be lighting your neighborhood street. They’re high power light bulbs that aren’t exactly the kind that you can run out to Home Depot and buy when they start burning out.

When a few of ours started to go, we were, however, lucky enough to find a local supplier in the Ashland area. With nice, shiny new light bulbs in hand, we were ready to re-illuminate the dark corners of our warehouse. But there was just one problem:

Our warehouse ceilings are 17 feet high. And our tallest ladder is 12 feet high.

This isn’t something they covered in business school.

We briefly put our heads together and came up with a few Rube Goldberg-inspired schemes. One was to push two shelves together and precariously balance the ladder on top. Another was to screw multiple broomsticks and a long arm grabber together to create a 15 foot claw that would have made Wile E. Coyote proud. And yet another was to climb up the office, hop over to a support beam, and then hang from the warehouse rafters as if playing in a very high, very lethal jungle gym.

Luckily, we came to our senses. The solution was to have an inexperienced employee drive a complicated piece of rented heavy machinery:

While we envisoned the machine running amok and tearing down shelves left and right in the warehouse, in the end, the scissor lift did the job. In fact, I think our boss had a little too much fun playing with it.

So, how many Skiviez employees does it take to change a light bulb, then? Pretty much all of them, apparently. Talk about a team effort!

Snapshots: You can’t make this @#$@ up

Snapshots is an occasional series on the Skiviez blog with pictures that depict scenes from the day-to-day inner workings of Skiviez.

Being the computer guy at Skiviez, I’m the one who gets called when there are errors on the Web site, when the e-mail server starts sending e-mails to the abyss, when shipping label printers run amok, and, apparently, when warehouse computers start vomiting rainbows.

You can’t make this @#$@ up. Sigh.

Friday Night Videos: Behind The Scenes with Gregg Homme

Canadian underwear brand Gregg Homme has released one of the hottest marketing campaigns on the web for their Summer 2011 collections.  Their ‘Business Strip’ series features model Therry Pepin enjoying the pleasures of a not so typical business trip.  I rarely ever leave the confines of Skivez HQ, so needless to say I am a tad jealous of his adventures.

If you are not familiar with the Business Strip series, click on our previous Friday Night Videos.

Business Strip 1

Business Strip 2

After the jump… enjoy some behind the scenes outtakes from the series as well as some bonus photos.

You can shop our selection of Gregg Homme here.

Thanks to Gregg Homme for sharing this with us. Read the rest of this entry »

No Skiviez in your mailbox, eh? We blame Canada!

A few weeks ago, I took an afternoon off from Skiviez as a small mental health day. During my drive home from work, I calmly navigated to the street that my house is on, drove well past the house that I live in, and–this is the scary part–proceeded to get back on the interstate and head back to work.

It is as though I had completely forgotten that my goal was to go home, and I had reset myself into “going back to work mode” sometime during the drive. It wasn’t until several miles later that I was clued in to my mistake by observing that the usually jam-packed interstate was deserted in the middle of the day.

What’s the point of this story? To show that I personally understand that otherwise normally functioning, intelligent adults occasionally suffer from a brief but utterly total and complete mental shutdown. In that spirit, for our Canadian customers out there who keep asking about the status of their air mail shipments, we’d like to remind you that your postal system has been on strike and shut down for over a week.

The usual response to this information is a sheepish “oh, right” or a “THAT’S why I haven’t gotten any mail.” (And I reply, “Don’t worry, I completely understand. I shouldn’t even be at work right now.”)

Wait, what? Really? When did this happen?

Mmhmm, it’s true. Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have repeatedly failed to negotiate a contract renewal, with most of the dispute centered around future wage increases. With both sides at an impasse, the Canadian postal service effectively shut down last week with the exception of a few rural routes as workers went on strike.

After mail destined for Canada began to pile up in USPS sorting facilities, USPS stopped accepting all Canada-bound mail on Saturday, June 18th. This means that we can’t process air mail orders for Canada even if we wanted to, since USPS would reject the parcel and send it right back to us.

After a week of failed negotiations, the Canadian government is in the process of drafting legislation to forcibly end the strike. The lawmakers say they’ll try to get the legislation passed before the end of the weekend, but it’s still a wait-and-see situation.

In the meantime, we’ve been contacting directly the customers whose orders and backorders have been affected, giving them the option for us to either hold their order on our end until the strike is completed or to upgrade to a FedEx International carrier method (at the higher price point).

Hum. But my order already shipped two weeks ago….

If you ordered some underwear from us recently and it shipped out via USPS First Class Mail International to Canada, then you’ll unfortunately not receive your parcel until several weeks after the strike has ended. That’s because both USPS and Canada Post are expecting to have huge backlogs of parcels to process, which means the already lengthy Canadian customs clearance process will increase during the end of June and the start of July.

While we always take care of our international customers who don’t receive their air mail parcels within 60 business days of the shipping date by issuing a refund or a re-shipment, we may have to extend this deadline for recent Canadian shipments due to the extenuating circumstances. Your Skiviez parcel is still on it’s way to you, but it’s sitting in a USPS or Canada Post warehouse somewhere, longing to be touched again by a postal worker who can bring it to your hot little hands.

Thanks for your patience

We thank you for your patience, and we especially thank our Canadian customers for their unique sense of humor!

Friday Night Video: Gregg Homme Business Strip Pt. 2

When we first met our Gregg Homme guy, he was putting on a very private show via webcam. In this installment, it looks like he called for some ‘room service:. Again, why can’t all business trips be this fun?!? Enjoy!

To see the Part 1: click here

To shop Gregg Homme: click here

Join us this Saturday for the Skiviez Summer 2011 Fashion Show

After last year’s successful fashion show, it’s time to do it again! Come join us for a celebration of beautiful boys, comedy, and (above all!) the fabulous offerings of Skiviez. Come join us for the Skiviez Summer 2011 Fashion Show in Richmond, Virginia this Saturday night, June 4th. Buy your tickets online today!

Michael and Augustin at last year's event

If you live in Washington, D.C. or Maryland, Richmond is just a short drive down I-95. We hope to see you there!


  • Your hosts Magnolia Jackson, Pickett Burnside (voted Style Weekly’s Top Drag Performer), and celebrity about town Benjamin Barbour
  • 7 hot models in their underwear
  • Live, local band Dead Fame
  • Great music, great drinks & cocktails, and great fun
  • All premium seating includes a free gift bag


  • Saturday, June 4th, 2011
  • Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
  • Show starts at 7:45 p.m.

Hope to see you there!

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C-IN2 Bamboo is now C-IN2 Zen and is now in stock

Remember C-IN2 Bamboo? Of course you do! C-IN2 Bamboo was one of the most popular C-IN2 lines that Skiviez has ever carried. After a few months of delays, we’re proud to finally announce that Skiviez has C-IN2 Bamboo back in stock—it’s just been renamed to C-IN2 Zen.

Same great product with a new name

C-IN2 Zen is the same fabric composition, cut, and style that you may remember from the C-IN2 Bamboo line circa 2009.

Made from a blend of 69% rayon (using materials sourced from bamboo), 29% cotton, and 2% spandex, the fabric used in the C-IN2 Zen line is a perfect blend of silky synthetics and comfortable cotton. When combined with C-IN2′s legendary cuts that follow your body’s contours in all the right ways and in all of the right places, the C-IN2 Zen line is simply unstoppable.

Be sure to check out the C-IN2 Zen Punt. It’s a Brazilian-inspired style that sits right on your hips. It’s a style that sits somewhere between the slider and the army trunk; it has a larger outseam than the slider, but it’s still a bit smaller than that of the army trunk.

And for those who are fans of classic boxer briefs, be sure to check out the C-IN2 Zen Rider, which features ultra long legs that provide stability and comfort for cycling or other athletic activities.

Introducing “curacao,” a beautiful blue

With this shipment of C-IN2 Zen, we’ve got the usual core black and white (“Vanilla Ice”) colors in stock, but C-IN2 has also introduced a hot new color for Spring/Summer 2011: curacao. Like the traditionally blue liqueur or the waters surrounding the island of the same name in the Caribbean, the C-IN2 Zen line in curacao is a dreamy bright blue that’s sure to get the attention of anyone who can see you.

Buy your C-IN2 Zen today!

C-IN2 Zen (formerly C-IN2 Bamboo) has a tendency to sell out very quickly. Be sure to grab your pair before it’s too late.

Send us your feedback

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Whether prepping for a getaway or enjoying the extra time off this weekend, don’t forget to visit Skiviez and shop our Memorial Day Clearance Event.  Save up to 60% off of a wide range of  brands.  Shop now for best selection.

Stu Stone shakes his shapes for 2(x)ist Underwear

Canadian actor/music producer/rapper/all-around-swell-guy Stu Stone put together this fun video for 2(x)ist. Check it out!

And when you’re done with that, you already know the best place on the Web to buy 2(x)ist underwear.