New 2xist Resort, C-IN2 Hand Me Down, and Gregg Homme In Stock

In addition to releasing support for Skiviez gift cards this week, we’ve added a boatload of new products to our catalog this week just in time for summer. We’ve got new styles in the ever-popular 2xist, C-IN2, and Gregg Homme brands. A lot of these new styles are limited edition lines and colors, so be sure to grab your pair before it’s gone!

Introducing 2xist Resort

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without a hot new line from 2(x)ist. We’ve got the new 2xist Resort line in stock, and it comes in a selection of four great colors–black, light blue, “purple haze,” and white–in a heathered fabric that adds to the visual appeal. The fabric is lightweight, airy, and luxuriously soft (it’s 68% rayon) and will leave you feeling like you’re relaxing at a 5-star resort!

The fabric is lightweight and great for those warmer days because it won’t bunch up.

It’s available in all of 2(x)ist’s usual cuts: the sport brief, a button tank, a contour pouch brief, and a no show trunk. With so many options, why choose just one?

A Splash of New 2xist Colours

Speaking of 2xist, we’ve added some new colors to the wildly popular 2xist Colour line. There’s four vibrant, solid colors–air blue, green, yellow, and pink–that feature crisp white contrasting piping and big, bold waistbands.

It’s available in striped varieties, too. In fact, I’m rather fond of the contour pouch brief in blue with green stripes. What color are you?

C-IN2 Hand Me Down Back In Stock

Finally! Our C-IN2 fans have been foaming at the mouth waiting for new stock to roll in for their favorite brand, and we’re glad to finally deliver! In addition to the refreshed pop colors and stripes that went online last month, we’re also glad to have received our shipment of the new C-IN2 Hand Me Down colors.

The Hand Me Down collection is supposed to invoke that vintage feeling, and it’s available in three great collegiate throwback colors available: brown, teal, and orange. (I rather like the orange and might have to sneak myself a pair. It reminds me of the college days–go Virginia Tech!)

It’s 60% cotton blended with 40% polyester for a super smooth finish. We’ve got three styles in stock: the ringer tank, the lo now show army trunk, and the lo no show profile brief.

I tried a pair of these out over the weekend, and I must say that if you haven’t tried C-IN2 Hand Me Down before, it’s pretty unique. The heathered fabric is hard to describe, but it certainly fits in with the vintage bent of this underwear. It gives the fabric a worn, distressed, and, well, vintage appearance and also provides an interesting texture and finish.

New Sexy Options from Gregg Homme

Last but certainly not least, Gregg Homme always has some wilder options for those of you who want to kick it up a notch.

First up is the Afterhour line. Available in a low-rise trunk, a brief, a jock, and a thong, Afterhour features a micromesh lattice pouch. It’s nylon, so it has that super smooth synthetic feel, and it has enough spandex to ensure that everything snaps into place. The “jock” is also unique in that it features extra thick straps to lift your butt as well as a thong strap in the back–maybe we need to add “jockthong” as a new category!

And don’t forget the Boytoy line either. Lipstick, plastic, candy–whatever you think of when you look at it, you can be sure that it’s not your typical pair of underwear. The synthetic, stretchy fabric is luminous and reflective so everyone at the club will be sure to see you from a mile away. Just imagine what these would look like on a dance floor with a black light!

Welcoming Your Feedback

We’re still listening. We’re constantly working to improve our Web site and our selection to better serve the interests of our customers. Got an idea for a brand or a product that you’d like us to carry? Just tweet it to @skiviez, e-mail it, or submit it via our feedback form. You can trust us to keep listening to our customers, or else we wouldn’t be the men’s underwear authority!

Introducing Skiviez Gift Cards—A Perfect Gift!

Our software developers have been hard at work over the past six months listening to your feedback. After introducing landmark upgrades to our Web site, adding customer-submitted images to product reviews, deploying Skiviez Mobile, and supporting “Login with Facebook”, we’re proud to introduce a feature that’s been in the making for a long time: Skiviez gift cards.

Buying clothes for a friend–much more underwear for an undies fan–isn’t always easy. Guessing the incorrect size can be insulting, and your suggested fashion choice can lead to an awkward conversation. With a gift card from Skiviez, you can have the best of both worlds.

Easy to buy

Buying a Skiviez gift card couldn’t be simpler. Just click the “Purchase Now” button, enter your address and credit card information, select a gift card amount, and poof! your gift card is on its way to you. Shipping is free via USPS First Class Mail, which means you’ll have it in your hot little hands typically within just 2-3 business days.

In an effort to reduce fraud and increase customer security, however, we do place a few important restrictions on gift card purchases:

  • You have to use a credit card to purchase the gift card. (This is so we can verify the billing address.)
  • The gift card has to be shipped to the address that’s on file for the credit card. (To purchase a gift card for a friend, you’ll first need to have the gift card shipped to you–which most people prefer anyway so that they can stick it in a card or wrap it.)

You can track the fulfillment of your gift card sales order via “Your Account” on our Web site.

Easy to keep

A Skiviez gift card is an attractive, plastic card that’s easy to carry in a wallet. The card never expires.

(There is a $2.50 monthly inactivity fee that begins when the card hasn’t been used in over 12 months, though, but we don’t do this to be mean. This is just so that we can eventually get unused gift cards off of our accountant’s books. Imagine writing a check and someone cashing it over a year later! You have over a year to make a purchase at Skiviez, and any purchase resets the 12 month inactivity counter. You can read the full gift card terms and conditions here.)

Looking up the balance and usage history of your Skiviez gift card is easy, too. Just visit our gift card balance lookup page, enter the two numbers printed on the back on the card, and then you’ll be able to see the remaining balance as well as a ledger that shows exactly how the card has been used.

Easy to use

When you’d like to make a purchase at Skiviez using your gift card, that’s easy, too. You don’t even need to have a credit card if the gift card will cover the whole balance. Just enter the two numbers on the back of the card on our one-page checkout and press the red “Redeem” button, and you’re done!

We’re still listening

We implemented Skiviez gift cards because you’ve been pestering us about them for years. We listened, and we’re still listening. If you have a suggestion for the Skiviez Web site, just tweet it to @skiviez, e-mail it, or submit it via our feedback form. You can trust us to keep listening to our customers, or else we wouldn’t be the men’s underwear authority!

Briefly Stated – 2(x)ist Fit Guide

Source (

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the plethora of brief styles out there?  Well,  2(x)ist just released it’s new fit guide.  This easy to read, one page guide will help you decide which 2(x)ist style is best for you.  Considering 2(x)ist has so many styles to choose from, we’re sure you won’t have problem finding the perfect pair.

Shop for 2(x)ist here.

Download the guide here.

Spotted! – Alex Pettyfer in Calvin Klein

Alex Pettyfer by Mario Testino for VMAN (Source)

Pics 20-something British star of I Am Number Four Alex Pettyfer have been floating around the interwebs lately.  Most are connected to his snarky interview with VMAN magazine.  Personally, I am just curious on how he looks in his Calvins… ;)

Shop for Calvin Klein Undewear here.

See more pics from the VMAN editorial here.

Try Kyle and save 20%!

For a limited time, try Kyle Underwear and save 20% off of regular priced Kyle products.  The coupon code KYLE2011 expires May 6th so act fast.

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In the Swim – 2011 Swimwear Guide

Clever Exsus Swim Brief

With Memorial Day around the corner,  pools will begin to open and vacations will be beach bound.  It’s time to get ready for Summer and Skiviez has you covered with some of the hottest new swimwear.  Here are some picks from classic to sexy.

If you would like to see all the swimwear Skiviez has to offer click here.

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Friday Night Videos: Timoteo Sexy Boy

Here’s the latest promo video from Timoteo. Loving the late 70s early 80s production. Enjoy!

Shop for Timoteo here.

Photo Spotlight – German Armenta

Model wearing Calvin Klein Steel Micro Low Rise Trunk

There’s something intriguing about male photography.  Regardless of personal sexual tastes,  there is something undeniably raw about the male form captured on film.  Which is why it’s a pleasure to share the works of German Armenta with you today.

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Friday Night Video – Business Strip – Gregg Homme

Note: The following video is slightly NSFW

If only business trips could be this much fun. Enjoy.

Shop for Gregg Homme here.

Save time! Introducing “Login with Facebook”

We’re still listening, and we’re on a roll! After introducing landmark upgrades to our Web site, adding customer-submitted images to product reviews, and deploying Skiviez Mobile, we’re proud to introduce another new feature to the Skiviez Web site that’s sure to save you time and hassle: Login with Facebook.

It’s now possible to connect your Facebook profile to your Skiviez shopping account and use your Facebook credentials to log in to Skiviez. No extra user name and password to remember!

That’s because you told us time and time again that creating yet another user name and password just to shop at Skiviez was inconvenient. And you’ve told us that having to constantly reset that password because you can’t remember it is a hassle. You have to wait for the e-mail to arrive, sometimes it goes to your spam folder, sometimes you mis-type a character–what a pain! But that’s all history, thanks to the new “Login with Facebook” feature! Logging in to your Skiviez shopping account is as easy as logging in to Facebook.

How do I get started?

When you’re prompted to log in to your Skiviez shopping account, just look for the blue “Login with Facebook” button and click it:

A pop-up window from Facebook will appear on your screen. If your Web browser isn’t currently logged into Facebook, then you’ll be asked to enter your Facebook e-mail address and password to log in. (You’re logging into Facebook, not to Skiviez–don’t worry, we can’t see your password!)

Once you’re logged into Facebook, you’ll see a one-time prompt to allow us to access some information from your Facebook profile. We use your name and e-mail address to create a Skiviez shopping account for you (or to find your existing one):

Hit the “Allow” button, and voilà! A new Skiviez shopping account is automatically created just for you, and you can use the “Login with Facebook” button to log in again in the future in just one or two clicks.

What if I already have a Skiviez shopping account? I don’t want a duplicate!

We haven’t left our loyal customers out! It’s easy for you to take advantage of the new “Login with Facebook” feature, too. In fact, if your Skiviez shopping account e-mail address matches your Facebook profile’s e-mail address, then there’s nothing special that you need to do–the “Login with Facebook” button will work seamlessly and automatically the first time that you use it, and you won’t have to worry about the system creating a duplicate account.

If your Skiviez shopping account e-mail address is different from your Facebook e-mail address, and you don’t want to give us your “real” Facebook e-mail address, no problem! We’ve got you covered. All you need to do is “link” your Facebook profile to the Skiviez shopping account of your choice:

  1. Log in to your Skiviez shopping account using your usual Skiviez e-mail address and Skiviez password.
  2. In the “Your Account” section of our Web site, click the “Settings” tab, and then click the “Connect with Facebook” button.
  3. You’ll see the same permissions prompt described above. Then, you’re all set! From this point on, you’ll have the flexibility of using either your regular Skiviez credentials or logging in conveniently and securely with Facebook.

What if I change my mind?

You’re in control. If it any point you decide that you want to stop using the “Login with Facebook” feature, you can disconnect the link by just visiting “Your Account” on our Skiviez Web site:

You can also revoke permission for the “Skiviez, Inc.” app in your Facebook profile to break the connection.

Even after breaking the connection, your Skiviez shopping account isn’t lost forever! You can still log in using the e-mail address that you originally provided to us, and if you’ve forgotten your Skiviez password, you can use the usual “Reset Password” feature of our Web site.

What about my security and privacy?

When you use the “Login with Facebook” feature, you aren’t sharing your Facebook password with Skiviez. Instead, Facebook grants us a special access token–which you can revoke at any time via your Facebook profile–that lets us look at your real name, e-mail address, and Facebook user ID on your behalf. We use this information to match you up to a Skiviez shopping account (or to create a new one if we can’t find an existing match) and to log you in as that Skiviez shopping account.

The communication is strictly one way. The set of permissions that we ask from Facebook don’t allow us to manage your profile or post to your wall.

Keep the feedback coming

We implemented “Login with Facebook” because you told us that logging in to your Skiviez shopping account was too difficult. We listened, and we’re still listening. If you have a suggestion for the Skiviez Web site, just tweet it to @skiviez, e-mail it, or submit it via our feedback form. You can trust us to keep listening to our customers, or else we wouldn’t be the men’s underwear authority!